Postdoc positions available

Multiple postdoctoral positions are available in the field of quantitative stem cell biology at the Warmflash lab at Rice University. Our lab uses human embryonic stem cells to model early embryonic development with a particular focus on understanding the mechanisms of spatial patterning and morphogen signaling dynamics. Our work combines quantitative experimentation with data analysis and mathematical modeling. For examples, see Warmflash et al. Nature Methods 2014, Sorre et al Dev Cell 2014, Nemashkalo et al. Development 2017.

Positions are available for:

  1. Theoretically trained scientists interested in working closely with experimentalists. Experience with either mathematical modeling of biological systems or analysis of biological data is preferred but not required.
  2. Experimental biologists interested in quantitative approaches and working closely with theorists. Experience with cell culture, microscopy, or molecular biology is preferred but not required.

Interested candidates should email a CV and a brief statement of past research accomplishments and future research interests to