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3/4/2019 Nodal and BMP dynamics in self-organization paper out in eLife
Read our paper on how the different dynamics of signaling influence cell fate decisions here.

2/28/2019 Wnt dynamics paper in PNAS
Our paper on Wnt signaling dynamics in pluripotency and differentiation is out in PNAS. Read it here. Rice new release here.

2/25/2019 Welcome Eleana!
Eleana Rizou has joined the lab as a graduate student

1/7/2019 Welcome Ye!
Ye Zhu has joined the lab as a graduate student

12/23/2018 Secreted RNA reporter paper published in ACS Synthetic Biology
Our paper on using engineered small RNAs as reporters is published. Find it here.

10/11/2018 2d gastuloid patterning paper on bioRxiv
Our preprint on how BMP, WNT and Nodal combine to generate self-organized patterns is online now. link.

8/31/2018: Wnt signaling dynamics preprint on bioRxiv
Our paper examining signaling dynamics in pluripotency and differentiation is online now. link.

5/22/2018: Aryeh on Houston public radio:
You can hear the interview about human stem cell and embryo research here

5/17/2018: Synthetic secreted reporter preprint in bioRxiv
Our paper on using secreted synthetic small RNAs as non-destructive reporters is online in biorxiv. link.

4/1/2018: Welcome Elena!
Elena Camacho Aguilar has joined the lab as a postdoc

3/1/2018: Welcome Suparna!
Suparna Sarkar-Banerjee has joined the lab as a postdoc

2/21/2018: Welcome Kong and Miguel!
Xiangyu Kong and Miguel Angel Ortiz Salazar have joined the lab as PhD students

1/12/2018: New NIH grant
our lab has received an R01 grant to study Wnt signaling dynamics and ectodermal patterning. Rice press release is here.

11/16/2017: Nodal signaling dynamics preprint in bioRxiv
See our latest on how the dynamics of Nodal and BMP signaling are interpreted in stem cell patterning here:

8/10/2017:  Community effect paper published in Development
Our paper on morphogen and community effects in BMP-mediated differentiation is now published in Development. link

7/28/2017: Simons Investigator award
Aryeh has been named a Simons investigator in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems.

5/1/2017: Welcome Li!
Lizhong (Li) Liu has joined the lab as a postdoc.

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