Lab Meetings

Summer – Fall 2017:

7/19 Anastasiia
7/26 George
8/2 Idse
8/9 No meeting
8/16 No meeting
9/11 Joseph
9/18 No meeting
9/25 Kinshuk
10/2 No meeting
10/9 Miguel
10/16 No meeting
10/23 Li
10/30 Cecilia

Past meetings:

Summer 2015
6/8 Cecilia presents:
Wagenblast, E., Soto, M., Gutiérrez-Ángel, S., Hartl, C. A., Gable, A. L., Maceli, A. R., et al. (2015). A model of breast cancer heterogeneity reveals vascular mimicry as a driver of metastasis. Nature, 520(7547), 358–362.

6/15 Joseph presents:
Yang, Y., Adachi, K., Sheridan, M. A., Alexenko, A. P., Schust, D. J., Schulz, L. C., et al. (2015). Heightened potency of human pluripotent stem cell lines created by transient BMP4 exposure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

6/22 Kinshuk presents:
Levy, S. F., Blundell, J. R., Venkataram, S., Petrov, D. A., Fisher, D. S., & Sherlock, G. (2015). Quantitative evolutionary dynamics using high-resolution lineage tracking. Nature. doi:10.1038/nature14279

6/29 Cher presents:
Chen, K. H., Boettiger, A. N., Moffitt, J. R., Wang, S., & Zhuang, X. (2015). RNA imaging. Spatially resolved, highly multiplexed RNA profiling in single cells. Science (New York, NY), 348(6233), aaa6090. link

7/6 Anastasiia
7/13 No meeting – SDB meeting
7/20 George
7/27 German
8/3 Sapna
8/10 no meeting
8/17 no meeting
8/24 Kinshuk

Fall 2015

9/2 Joseph
9/9 Cecilia
9/16 Anastasiia
9/23 No meeting
9/30 Anastasiia (SDB practice talk)/Kinshuk (CRISPR meeting report)
10/7 George
10/14 Sapna
10/21 Kinshuk
10/28 No meeting
11/4 Idse

11/11 Matthew presents:
Dubrulle, J., Jordan, B. M., Akhmetova, L., Farrell, J. A., Kim, S.-H., Solnica-Krezel, L., & Schier, A. F. (2015). Response to Nodal morphogen gradient is determined by the kinetics of target gene induction. eLife, 4, e05042. link

11/18 Joseph presents:
Blakeley, P., Fogarty, N. M. E., Del Valle, I., Wamaitha, S. E., Hu, T. X., Elder, K., et al. (2015). Defining the three cell lineages of the human blastocyst by single-cell RNA-seq. Development (Cambridge, England), 142(18), 3151–3165. link

11/25 no meeting
12/2 no meeting
12/9 Cecilia presents:

Clavería, C., Giovinazzo, G., Sierra, R., & Torres, M. (2013). Myc-driven endogenous cell competition in the early mammalian embryo. Nature, 500(7460), 39–44.  link

12/16 Anastasiia presents:

Singh, A. M., Sun, Y., Li, L., Zhang, W., Wu, T., Zhao, S., et al. (2015). Cell-Cycle Control of Bivalent Epigenetic Domains Regulates the Exit from Pluripotency. Stem Cell Reports, 5(3), 323–336. link

12/23 no meeting
12/30 no meeting

Spring 2016

1/7 Lab discussion, no presenter
1/14 George presents 2 papers:
Krotov, D., Dubuis, J. O., Gregor, T., & Bialek, W. (2014). Morphogenesis at criticality. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111(10), 3683–3688. link

Tufcea, D. E., & François, P. (2015). Critical Timing without a Timer for Embryonic Development. Biophysical Journal, 109(8), 1724–1734. link

1/21 Sapna
1/28 Kinshuk
2/4 canceled
2/11 Matthew
2/25 Idse
3/3 Joseph
3/10 Cecilia
3/17 No meeting
3/24 Anastasiia
3/31 George
4/7 Lab outing
4/14 Sapna
4/21 Kinshuk presents:
Hayashi, R., Ishikawa, Y., Sasamoto, Y., Katori, R., Nomura, N., Ichikawa, T., et al. (2016). Co-ordinated ocular development from human iPS cells and recovery of corneal function. Nature531(7594), 376–380. link

5/5 Matthew presents:
van Boxtel, A. L., Chesebro, J. E., Heliot, C., Ramel, M.-C., Stone, R. K., & Hill, C. S. (2015). A Temporal Window for Signal Activation Dictates the Dimensions of a Nodal Signaling Domain. Developmental Cell35(2), 175–185. link

5/12 Idse
5/19  Cecilia presents:
Rossi, A., Kontarakis, Z., Gerri, C., Nolte, H., Hölper, S., Krüger, M., & Stainier, D. Y. R. (2015). Genetic compensation induced by deleterious mutations but not gene knockdowns. Naturelink

5/26 Joseph presents:
Deglincerti, A., Croft, G. F., Pietila, L. N., Zernicka-Goetz, M., Siggia, E. D., & Brivanlou, A. H. (2016). Self-organization of the in vitro attached human embryo. Nature, 1–13. link

Shahbazi, M. N., Jedrusik, A., Vuoristo, S., Recher, G., Hupalowska, A., Bolton, V., et al. (2016). Self-organization of the human embryo in the absence of maternal tissues. Nature Cell Biology, 1–18. link

6/2 Anastasiia presents:
Morsut, L., Roybal, K. T., Xiong, X., Gordley, R. M., Coyle, S. M., Thomson, M., & Lim, W. A. (2016). Engineering Customized Cell Sensing and Response Behaviors Using Synthetic Notch Receptors. Cell, 164(4), 780–791. link

6/9 George presents:
Uygur, A., Young, J., Huycke, T. R., Koska, M., Briscoe, J., & Tabin, C. J. (2016). Scaling Pattern to Variations in Size during Development of the Vertebrate Neural Tube. Developmental Cell, 37(2), 127–135. link

6/16 Sapna presents:

Farin, H. F., Jordens, I., Mosa, M. H., Basak, O., Korving, J., Tauriello, D. V. F., et al. (2016). Visualization of a short-range Wnt gradient in the intestinal stem-cell niche. Nature, 530(7590), 340–343. link

Summer 2016

6/23 Matthew
6/30 Cancelled
7/7 Kinshuk
7/14 Idse
7/21 Anastasiia

Fall 2016
9/12 Joseph
9/19 George
9/26 Sapna
10/3 No meeting
10/10 Matthew
10/17 Cecilia
10/24 Kinshuk
10/31 Idse
11/7 Anastasiia

Spring 2017

2/8 Anastasiia
2/15 George
2/22 Idse
3/1 Joseph
3/8 Kinshuk
3/15 Sapna
3/22 No meeting
3/29 TBD
4/5 No meeting
4/12 No meeting
4/19 TBD
4/26 Anastasiia
5/3 George
5/10 Idse
5/17 Joseph
5/24 Kinshuk
5/31 No meeting
6/7 Sapna
6/14 Cecilia
6/21 Lizhong