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2016-05-05 11.10.04 HDRWe are an interdisciplinary group of researchers working at the interface of biology, physics, and engineering sciences. We seek to use quantitative experiments and mathematical modeling to answer fundamental questions in developmental, stem cell, and cancer biology.

Recent news:

2/21/2018: Welcome Kong and Miguel!
Xiangyu Kong and Miguel Angel Ortiz Salazar have joined the lab as PhD students

1/12/2018: New NIH grant
our lab has received an R01 grant to study Wnt signaling dynamics and ectodermal patterning. Rice press release is here.

11/16/2017: Nodal signaling dynamics preprint in bioRxiv
See our latest on how the dynamics of Nodal and BMP signaling are interpreted in stem cell patterning here: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2017/10/13/202366

8/10/2017:  Community effect paper published in Development
Our paper on morphogen and community effects in BMP-mediated differentiation is now published in Development. link

7/28/2017: Simons Investigator award
Aryeh has been named a Simons investigator in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems.

Stem cells in micropattern